The Holy Spirit (the Mother) is assigned equal status with the Father and the Son

"Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that, God has prepared for those who love Him. For to us, God revealed them through the Spirit [God the Mother] for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God." (I Corinthians 2:9-10)

The Holy Bible: Book Of Revelation The Holy Bible: Book Of Revelation 
The Holy Bible: Book Of Revelation The Holy Bible: Book Of Revelation

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has revealed that Christ Jesus did not wish to reveal who His Mother was at His Time, as He wanted to protect Her from physical danger at a time when crucifixions were happening'. And it was not Her Time yet; it was His Time to do the spiritual work at the Narrow Gate of Agnya, before His Mother the Holy Spirit, could do Her work at this Time at the Kingdom of God Within of Sahasrara. That is why He would talk about His Mother, as the Holy Spirit, instead of revealing Her. Now it can be revealed that when Christ is talking about the Holy Spirit, He is talking about His Mother. In other words, His Mother, was not just "His" Mother. She is "The Mother of All That Is"! According to Shri Mataji, this is implicit in Christ's saying of "Behold the Mother", though Christ's "meaning" was not clearly understood at that Time, but it can be understood now, when the Mother will not be crucified, by declaring who She is. Here is what Shri Mataji says regarding Christ's statement, on the cross:

"He [Christ Jesus] was the greatest Sahaja Yogi, but He had so many powers, which are difficult for human beings to have [including] His sacrifices, His adjustments and the acceptance of whatever was told to Him. He accepted [it all]. [There is] His love for His Mother, and on the cross He said: Behold the Mother. He just said: "Behold the Mother". (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi—Christmas Puja - Ganapatipule, India—27 December, 1994)

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi explains that His Mother was the power behind Christ Jesus:

"So coming to His Mother, She was the power behind Him [behind Christ Jesus]. She was Mahalakshmi. The people who follow the Mahalakshmi principle are beyond the material understanding of life, beyond the Lakshmi principle". (Shri Mataji's Puja Address - Pune, India—25 December 1987)

There we have it! His Mother is the power behind Christ Jesus, which is why He also said on the cross: "Behold the Mother!"

It is "the Mother", the Holy Spirit, who is the power behind Christ Jesus and who reveals all the things of the Spirit, which eye has not seen and ear has not heard and which has not entered the heart of man, what God has prepared for those who love Him:

"Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that, God has prepared for those who love Him. For to us, God revealed them through the Spirit [God the Mother] for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God." (I Corinthians 2:9-10)

In the following verse, God the Mother's fellowship is assigned equal status with God the Father's love and with God the Son's grace:

"The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ [the Son], and the love of God [the Father] and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit [the Mother] be with you all." (2 Corinthians 13:14)

The equal status between All Three is also seen in this verse, where Christ Jesus asks his disciples to baptise people in the Name of All Three:

"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit [the Mother]." (Christ Jesus - Matthew 28:19)

Shri Mataji states that Christ Jesus is very protective of the Adi Shakti [His Mother] and explains His Role in working everything out:

"He [Christ Jesus] said that anything against Me I'll tolerate, but nothing against the Holy Ghost. This Holy Ghost is the Adi Shakti [Primordial power of God the Mother]. Without Him [Christ Jesus] you cannot go to the Sahasrara [Kingdom of God Within]. He's the one who is the conductor, the one who moves the strings in a puppet show. And so it is very important to pray to Shri Ganesha every time we have Puja [Worship]. We have to pray to Him and that's how we are praying to Lord Jesus Christ. Every time. Without His auspiciousness, without His help, we cannot do [the work of] Sahaja Yoga. He's the manager. You see I'm sitting here and He's the manager. Supposing there's no management, how will I speak here? Nothing can happen. But He is so efficient, yet you never see Him working everything [out]'''.doing everything!!! (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi — Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule, India—25/12/90)

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi further clarifies about the family relationship between God the Son and His Father and Mother and how they are all so closely inter-related:

"Christians have to rise above this Christianity and have to understand that it's such a great thing that Christ came on this earth as the incarnation of the principle of Ganesha. [That] Ganesha becoming Mahavishnu is a very big thing, which one should try to understand. Ganesha is the Son of Shiva. Shri Ganesha is the first one who was created before anything, any atmosphere, anything, because He [Ganesha] is the Omkara and the Omkara is the first breaking [away] of Adi Shakti [God the Mother] from Shiva [God the Father], that sound of Omkara. From there started Omkara and He is the one who is the embodiment of that Omkara. So the "sound" is Shri Ganesh; [it] is His power that was created first, as the foremost thing, just to create holiness. "Pradakshna" [is] this holiness [that] was created. Pradakshna [Holiness] was created and then everything was created in the sea of that holiness. Then Christ incarnated, but as "Mahavishnu" ' not as Shiva's Son, but as Mahavishnu. Who is Vishnu? He is an uncle of Shri Ganesh. His Mother's brother is Shri Vishnu. So He was brought up, you should say, by Mahavishnu at that stage. However, Mahalakshmi adopted the principle of Shri Ganesh. In the Kundalini chart you can see that Shri Ganesha is connected on the left to the Ida Nadi and the Kundalini is above that. So now, what has happened, is that He has transcended that part. And if He had to come for the redemption, He had to come as the Son of Mahalakshmi. So it was Mahalakshmi who adopted Him, we should really say, conceived Him within Himself as Christ. And He became Mahavishnu. Anything is possible in the family of gods and goddesses because they are gods. It is beyond the human mind to understand how these things are working out, in that realm.

Now believe me, that there is no unholy alliances among the gods and goddesses. No unholy alliance. There is nothing that is human in them. They are all divine, "pure". Once you understand this point, then you will understand why Shri Ganesha had to accept to be the Son of Mahalakshmi [and] was born to Her as Christ because He had to come on Agnya [the Narrow Gate] for the redemption. Ganesha doesn't do the redemption part, because at that stage, He is for the Innocence, for the Holiness, for the Wisdom and also for the destroying of negativity. However, He had to be brought up. Only He, only Ganesha could be brought to this very constricted chakra, Agnya chakra [Narrow Gate].

So in this very subtle area [Agnya/Narrow Gate] only Christ is subtle [enough] because He's the subtlest of the subtle. He's even subtler than an atom, because in the atom, those vibrations which move in isometric and symmetric movements, are subtler than the atom. And this is subtler than that also. So in that small, constricted area, only a personality like Christ [was possible] who was nothing but purity. There is no element in Him but purity!

All other incarnations have all the 5 elements in them. He had nothing. He is nothing but pure vibrations. That's why He could walk on the water, because there was no mass in His body; no "matter" in His body, no "element" except for Chaitanya itself [vibrations itself]'. Omkara with the Wind. Ganesha in the bath, or [it] was [we] can say, the thing that came out of Her body. Only the Chaitanya [the vibrations]. So at Ganesha's tail, we can see that the Chaitanya [vibrations] were kept in that form, but in the state of Christ, it was not. But the whole drama was played later on at His death and resurrection. Because He is the One who is responsible for our Resurrection, because He's the Gate, but He is not the destination. His Mother is the destination. Even Mahalakshmi is not the destination. Even Mahakali, Mahasaraswati [are not the destination]. The Adi Shakti is the destination where you have to reach. All these things were never told in the Bible, because He could hardly live for 4 years with public life. Nor did they [the priestly caste] want to tell about Him, because they did not know. Also there was a definite suppression of all divine things, for these people are all commercialised institutions.

The birth of Omkara; it's a very big thing, which moves into everything, whatever it is. It is the atoms [and] molecules into all the organising of chemicals; also the plenary clause and the gravity. Into everything that moves, is this Omkara. And your vibrations are nothing but Omkaras. Actually the vibrations in my photograph, have come as Omkaras. How is it [that] on top of all Sahaja Yogis' heads, there is the Omkara. Who is doing this? It is He who is doing all this. So Omkara itself takes the form to do [the] things to convince you of the Adi Shakti [lit. Primordial power of God, known as God the Mother]. He's the one who is handling all these powers. He doesn't enter the photograph. No, He does not but He plays a trick. After all, you see, if you go into details, how do you get a photograph through the light. The light passes straight; a straight line. However, if He wants, He can make a light pass another way round. He can just transform the light. He can do whatever He likes. And that's what He does to convince you. (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi—Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule, India—25/12/90)

[spiritual understanding and gender emphasis based upon Shri Mataji's teachings]



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