Queen of Heaven - Christianity

Hail! Queen of Heaven,
Hail! Lady of the Angels;
Salutation to Thee, root and portal,
Whence the Light of the world has arisen.

Although Mary is appealed to as Queen of Heaven, she seems to stand, as intercessor between earth and heaven, for the connecting principle of life, for the soul - for the feminine principle of relationship that connects all things to each other, for the supreme values of the heart. She is the grail of compassion and healing. She is the guardian of the sacredness of all life. When the Virgin Mary appears in visions, as at Fatima and Medjugorje, it is to children that she speaks. She speaks as if she were the voice of the Holy Spirit, offering wisdom and warning, and the children who see her and hear her voice, knowing nothing of what they ought or ought not to believe, respond instinctively from the soul, implicitly trusting what she is saying to them. In these messages, she does not ask for belief but for radical and total transformation.

The full dimensions of the Virgin Mary are more easily understood if we look beyond her to the luminous image of the Shekinah. In the Shekinah we are one life, one radiance. So many numinous images that belonged to the Shekinah in the Old Testament were transferred to Mary; reflection on Mary as intercessor between God and humanity reveals the veiled form of the Shekinah as the feminine face of God, the divine presence within all created life. Perhaps we may recognize her in Mary's mother, St. Anne. The painters of the Renaissance show Mary's womb penetrated by a ray of light from God in the way that the ray or point of light from the source penetrated the "sea of glory" of the Shekinah's womb.

Mary's name is derived from the Latin 'mare' - the sea - one of the most ancient images of the waters of life, the great sea of being. Mary gradually reveals herself to be the Prima Materia, the Root and Portal of Life, the Womb of Creation, the Fountain, and the Rose Garden - images that also belonged to the Shekinah. Like the Shekinah, she is the secret, hidden ground of the soul, addressed as such by many Christian mystics, the conduit to the Divine. Many of the images evoked in the great Orthodox Akathist hymn to Mary address her as this ineffable ground; the height unattainable by human thought; the depth invisible even to the eyes of angels; the womb of divine incarnation; the field of the immortal crop; the planter of our life; the haven; the fount of love; the inexhaustible treasure. Mary is the rose, the lily, and the Tree of Life from which the faithful are fed - an image that evokes not only the Shekinah as the image of the hidden wisdom that is the Tree of Life but also the goddesses Nut, Hathor, and Isis giving the food and drink of eternal life to the souls of the dead.

Wherever the association is made between love and divinity, between beauty and harmony and divinity, between nourishment and divinity, or between compassion and divinity, there stands the image of the Divine Feminine. All of these images, read as describing the unfathomable ground of being that is also the unfathomable ground of the human soul, bring Mary closer to us as the root and foundation of our own lives. She feels closer to us than the transcendent God who has been drawn more in the imagery of a remote father and stern judge than a loving mother. The Virgin Mary is the compassionate, accessible face of the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine, Andrew Harvey & Anne Baring
Conari Press, Berkeley, CA

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