Theosis and day-to-day life

In the ebb and flow, and the push and pull, of daily existence it is easy to lose sight the very wonder of life. Spiritual teachers, sages and mystics have long encouraged us to `wake up' to a greater reality. But few of us find the time, much less the concentration, to lift ourselves into states of spiritual peace. Besides, spiritual paths are known to be heavy, demanding and life-denying.

A full and durable spiritual path should, first and foremost, improve the quality of our daily lives; for as our inner life grows in clarity and purpose our relationship to our work, friends and family become fuller and more fruitful. Daily life is a faithful and thorough guide, testing and trying our spiritual progress every moment. The work is to apply the eternal wisdom to our day-to-day existence, that we can find peace in the transcendent and unchanging. Theosis is a Greek word rich in meaning. It was a term used by the desert fathers over the centuries, and more recently by the Greek- Cypriot mystic and healer, Stylianos Atteshlis, known as Daskalos. Theosis is translated as 'deification' or 'to become one with the divine'. Daskalos spoke of it as a state akin to 'enlightenment' and 'self realization'. Our gradual and inevitable entry into theosis is both the promise and the purpose that we were given in Eden; that we would 'be as gods, knowing good and evil' (cf. Gen. 3:5). Theosis is a process of the ever-increasing individuation of the self, culminating in the 'I AM I' consciousnesswhich Jesus of Nazareth fully embodied and imbued. In the mystical Christian tradition the path to theosis is daily life (work, family and friends), through which the soul reflects itself in Creation that it may know itself in all its ways. And the vehicle for this reflection, for the awakening of the self, is the Human Form (as body, thought and emotion).

Among other teachers, the Buddha and Christ warned us not to seek our peace in earthly things and relations. Too much in this world is beyond our control and subject to constant and dramatic change. We can find contentment and happiness here ' and this is to be enjoyed ' but it is too often fleeting and quick to fade. We are often rendered distraught, disappointed and disoriented. Yet through attentive living, directed study and mediation we are able spread our roots in the `Kingdoms Within', finding lasting and durable peace, even in the most troubled times.

Perhaps the most elevated mystic and teacher to grace this earth was Jesus of Nazareth. His divinity is evident in the power of his love, his teachings and his healings. Whether you hold him to be the Messiah, messenger or master matters very little ' for few of us really know. The real challenge is to live your life according to his teachings. And when you do, even in a small measure, to see what it provides you. The eternal invitation that Christ extends to us all is to live in a state beyond fear, frustration and shame; with our feet firmly on earth and our hearts at home in heaven. The Way through the world is more difficult to find than the way beyond it.

Wallace Stevens, `Reply to Papini'
'2000/ Paul Skorpen +

o The fundamental vocation and Goal of each and every person is to share in the life of GOD.

o By entering into the life of God, we become the persons we are meant to be.

o Theosis is a spiritual pilgrimage in which each person becomes ever more perfect, ever more holy, ever more united with God.

o Theosis is union with the Energies of God and NOT WITH the Essence of God which always remains hidden and unknown.

o Redemption means our repossession by God

o The Holy Spirit is the agent of deification whose task is to incorporate us into the life of the Holy Trinity.

o The whole purpose of the incarnation of the Son of God was to restore humanity to fellowship with God.

o In his victorious Resurrection, there is Liberation for us from all powers which can keep us from the Kingdom of God

o Daily life is a faithful and thorough guide, testing and trying our spiritual progress every moment. The work is to apply the Eternal Wisdom to our day-to-day life, that we can find peace in the transcendent and unchanging.

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